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January 24, 2017 E-News
January 24, 2017 E-News
Posted on 01/26/2017
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Dr. Lorna Oates-Santos, Principal

January 24, 2017 E-News

"Oh no...I don't understand it. But for that matter I don't understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place.

When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle. But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle." ~ E.B. White

We are on a roll here at Somerville School!  Charlotte's Web fever is upon us and the students are enjoying daily trivia questions, related crafts and looking for Templeton as he moves about the building.  While the world outside seems a bit frenzied these days, Somerville School continues to be a respite from it all!  Our students are focused on laughing and learning together, practicing their academic and social skills and enjoying each day in a calm, kind environment.  It is certainly a treat for me to join them in these endeavors!  In an effort to keep everyone up to date, please take note of the following:
  • CHARLOTTE'S WEB:  Please remember to email a photo of your family enjoying the book to by Friday, 1/27.  Hopefully you are keeping pace with the assigned chapters and enjoying revisiting your old friends, Charlotte and Wilbur.  Aim to finish Chapter Fifteen tonight!  
  • 5TH GRADE CONCERT:  All 5th grade parents are invited to our concert this Friday at 9:15 AM.  You are in for a treat.
  • KINDNESS DRIVE FOR FEBRUARY:  Next month we are collecting cans of meat (tuna fish, Spam etc.) for the Ridgewood Social Services Food Pantry.  The collection ends on February 9th and I invite everyone to send in at least one can.  Your children love putting their can in the bucket and getting a high five from me each month!
  • BREAKFAST:  Many students are reporting that they are hungry upon arriving to school.  Please build in breakfast time each morning as part of your daily routine.  It is very difficult for anyone to focus on an empty stomach!  In addition, packing a healthy snack is important to keep everyone fueled and focused.  
  • JUMP ROPE FOR HEART:  Mr. DeRisi will kick off this fundraiser on February 3rd!  All students will participate in a jump rope day on February 16th for this important fundraiser - a new tradition here at Somerville School!  
  • OUTSIDE GEAR:  I love getting out in the fresh air and I know our students do as well!  It is important to give the students a chance for some "gross motor movement" each day - and being out in the fresh air helps everyone reset for a productive afternoon.  We will be outside everyday or recess unless the weather is truly vile.  Please make sure your child has the proper outside gear so that they enjoy this precious 20 minutes of fun!  
I hope to see many Somerville fans in the stands this Friday night as Mr. DeRisi and I take on the Wizards and teach them a thing or two about basketball:)  As always, thank you for being such positive partners in our important work.
Dr. Oates


Dads' Night has once again partnered with Community Blood Services to give back!  We need to get back to a sense of altruism & helping in our community.  We are asking any & all Moms, Dads, teachers, employees to do their part, roll up their sleeves & donate blood to support our local hospitals blood supply!  Community Blood Services has “OUTSTANDING” orders from their local hospitals’ due to extremely a high blood shortage.  Hackensack Medical Center needs up to 500 pints of blood per week!

Currently, Community Blood Services is at approximately a “1” day supply of blood & blood products left on the shelves!!!  Community Blood Services only supplies “local” hospitals in New Jersey & New York.  These hospitals have several patients continually needing blood/blood products for the following: Open Heart Surgery, Trauma patients, Leukiemia, burn victims, automobile accident victims & more!  A High School blood drive just ran 2 weeks ago & all 96 pints that were collected were gone in 3 days!

We are reaching out to ANY & EVERY   person to ask for their help with a blood donation. Our blood drive will be held on Thursday 1/26/2017 between the hours of 4:00pm –8:30pm.
-All donors will receive free health screenings including: Iron, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse Rate & Blood Type!!!
-Free donuts/juice/cookies/crackers/pretzels for all blood donorsJ
-Please help out during this time of need!!!

Thanks in advance,

Scott Orr and EJ Winn

DN 73 Charity Coordinators

Community Outreach Program Series - The Gift of Failure, Jessica Lahey, Author, New York Times Columnist & Teacher will take place on February 1, 2017 from 7:00-9:00 pm at George Washington Middle School in the auditorium.
INTERNATIONAL DAY (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED) – Are your children aware of their heritage?  Interested in helping them to learn more about where they came from?  International Day will be held this year on Thursday Evening 4/6 and Friday 4/7.  International Day is an event that celebrates the heritages of all of our students at Somerville through special performances, informative tables, and other special outlets.  As always, we are looking for parent VOLUNTEERS for the event.  Please sign up now by clicking here.  Questions, please email us at - Co-Chairs Mayumi Brescia and Anthony Fasano. There are many positions we need to fill.   

Below is the link to this week's eNotices.  Please remember to scroll down for any notices that you may have missed!


THANK YOU to our BINGO NIGHT hosts, Scott Orr and Anthony LoSauro!  They provided a fun-filled night of Bingo, pizza, music, and a little “dance party!”  We are glad to all those who came out.  Looked like it was a fun evening for all!   


Don’t forget! LIP SYNC 2017 is Friday, February 10th, at 7pm in the Somerville Gym.

Mandatory Rehearsal is either: Monday, Feb. 6th or Wednesday, Feb 8th from 3-5pm. (Pick one.)  Sign up forms were distributed last via Class Parents, and is also on the notices and flyers page of the school web site. Please return completed forms to school, ATTN Somerville HSA by Thursday February 2nd.

Keep in mind the following:

*One adult per group must attend rehearsal.

*ONLY ONE ACT PER STUDENT (Exception for 5th graders. 5th graders are entitled to participate in one grand finale act.)

*Please bring a formatted CD with school appropriate music to the practice that is NO LONGER THAN 2 MINUTES PER SONG.   

*Additionally, please DO NOT burn the CD from a Mac or Apple product, as the CD will not be compatible with school AV system.

Please contact Kelly Gazzini, or Elizabeth Hall, with any questions.

We are looking forward to a fun night! 


It’s that time of year again to participate in the Ridgewood Public Library Reading Marathon.

This annual fundraiser helps increase a love of reading and raise money for the public library for its fabulous Programs for kids.

For the entire month of February, read and record as many books as you can. Completed forms that are signed by a parent and returned by March 2 will be eligible to win PRIZES.

Start picking out your books, reserving them at the library or talking to your teachers and librarian for great book ideas.

Forms will be handed out soon and don’t forget to register for our FREE kickoff event at the library Wed. February 1, from 4-5pm.  Please contact Tammy Juco with any questions.

Ready, Set, READ!!

- Tammy Juco, Reading Marathon Representative or 551-427-9584

ART DOCENT - Want to participate in your child’s class?  Be an art docent!  Anyone can do it!  Sandy and Larissa have made the PowerPoint presentations SO easy to present!  Takes the guesswork out of it.  They will be doing a presentation today @ 1:45pm in Mr. Lupia’s class, if anyone wants to see how it all works. This month’s project is about Georgia O’Keefe’s Red Poppy that is currently hanging outside of the main office. The kids will then do an oil pastel of a silk flower, too. Questions?  Email Sandy Santangelo or Larisa Shlahet

ATTENTION 5th GRADE PARENTS! Our 5th Grade Yearbook committee is hard at work, collecting and organizing photos for the 5th grade memory book.  Please send email your photos to  They can be photos from all 6 years at Somerville.  Please select photos that are school-related, and with 3 or more students in the photo.  Please send photos with information about the year it was taken, and who is in the photo.  Questions?  Email us at

IN ADDITION, This Friday @ 9:15AM is the FIFTH GRADE CONCERT!  Always a treat.  Mark your calendars!  See you there….

Have a great week!

Denise DeAngelis, President

Alexa Wagschal, Vice President

Whitney Klein, Treasurer

Kate Harbour, Assistant Treasurer

Tammy Juco, Secretary